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Jan Olbracht browar staromiejski - Toruń


Our Beers

The history of brewing in Torun is very old and is associated with the history of this city. In the thirteenth century, the population of the area and thus increased demand for beer, which at that time was the primary beverage daily and representatives from all states. Thus were created the inn. Brewing blommed in Torun.

Toruń Cream

This wheat beer and these are the top-fermented beers. Wheat beer history is inextricably linked with the beginnings of brewing before about 6000 years. Developed a unique recipe for Śmietanka Toruńska gives the drink a unique flavor, with a tone of banana-clove flavors interwoven with a beautiful tone of hop.

alc. 5,0%

torun cream


 torun amber

Toruń Amber

Character of the beer is primarily and most used type of malt or malt, alcohol content, hop bitterness and the concentration of the extract or malt ingredients nieprzefermentowanych. Torun Amber is an amber beer with a specific color. Composed of selected types of malt barley and wheat. A unique taste with a distinctive bitterness, hop aroma interacts with, interwoven malt note.

alc. 6,0%


Olbracht – Pils

This classic light beer brewed according to traditional methods. Light beer is straw-colored with tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide and a dense white head. It is characterized by a distinctive aroma and a subtle hop bitterness with a delicate hint of malt. It is manufactured in a conventional manner based on the beer selected the best components.

alc. 5,2%



 torun gingerbread


Like all of our beers, made only from natural ingredients. Gingerbread is a proprietary formulation of continuing the tradition of brewery-related local gingerbread baked here. It is a dark beer with the aroma of spices with a hint of cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Thick foam slightly brown color harmonizes with chocolate gingerbread beer.

alc. 5,6%

All beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized. BeerPaiton unique system - a tavern beer mugs directly from 1000l tanks.

Our Chief Brewer Miroslaw Galka gathered experience in such breweries as Bierhalle, Brewery De Brazill. He won a silver medal in the largest wheat beer competition beer in Poland Chmielaki 2011.

Beer takeaway

Beer from our brewery in stylish decorated bottles will also be available to take away. Each guest will be able to put a top on newly bloated bottle by himself.


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Jan Olbracht Old-Town Brewery
Szczytna street 15, Toruń
Hours of Operation:
Sun - Thr - 11:00-23:00
Fri - Sat - 11:00-24:00
mobile 797 903 333